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At Masterful CEO we help passionate entrepreneurs, CEOs, and teams create, elevate, and optimize their framework in business and life to create strategies that are in alignment with who they are and their vision.

Hi! I’m Maryann and while I’m a CEO, Strategist, and Consultant… I am also an entrepreneur and creative! I know what it’s like to take the leap and follow your passion into business. I too have ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride, with dips and unexpected turns.

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Knowing I’d realize my dream of being an entrepreneur; I embraced the many career opportunities that came my way and aligned with my vision. While approaching life strategically allowed me to acquire the skill sets essential for entrepreneurship, with 25+ years in business operations, exploring every facet including administration, accounting, customer service, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, project management, technology, vendor management and more… there were still things and areas I needed to explore on my own; and you won’t need to.

With over 50 years of combined experience,
Our areas of expertise and focus include:

client journey

Client Journey

If you want raving reviews and referrals from clients, you must be able to create a pleasantly memorable client journey.



Profits and cash flow are essential for business longevity.  Which is why in creating system automations we will guide you in defining the ideal payment structure.


Process Improvement

In scaling a business, processes are key to ensuring things get done in a consistent manner however, depending on when processes were developed, and how your operations, team, and systems have evolved; the processes may no longer be efficient.  Let us identify improvement opportunities.


Project Management

Whether you’re launching a new brand, course, product, service, or campaign, ensuring everything gets done on time is vital to the success of the project.  Don’t stress, we can assist!

Success Strategies

A long-term strategy is critical in building a resilient business; it’s why we’re still in business.  It allows you and your team to get clear on what your focus is for a specified time, identify the key components to achieve your goals, and provide your business with a competitive edge.   


Systems + Automations

Mindset will take control of these unconscious thought patterns and create new, positive mental behaviours that will help you become the person you want to be.

why us

Masterful CEO operates on strategies, systems, and streamlining for success.

While many consulting services offer to provide assistance with gaining clarity, we go beyond the clarity.  We want you to succeed with simple strategies, systems, and streamlining workflows that will allow you to work ON your business instead of IN it.  We also understand the importance of developing an optimal client journey.  Let’s simplify to amplify.

a few more


Fun Facts If I wasn't a CEO


MC:  I’d probably be a travel writer or food blogger.  While I really love exploring complex ideas, learning new skills, and innovation.  I also appreciate exploring new places, cultures, and great food.

RC:  I’d be a professional volleyball coach.  I played and coached for years.  I love the sport and witness the growth in confidence of the athletes I coached.

Fun Facts I'm Most Thankful For


MC:  My family, community, team and mentors!  Being successful is not possible without a strong foundation and support system.

RC:  The god given gift of analysis and structure!  It allows me to quickly determine if a project/venture is right to pursue.

Fun Facts Ideal Vacation


MC:  Includes great views, people, and vibes.  Bright and beautiful… fun in the sun!  With music, dancing, and amazing food.

RC:  Includes a place where I can enjoy some rest, relaxation, and quality time with the family.  Being able to disconnect from everything and reconnect with my loved ones.

Fun Facts My Enneagram


MC:  As a 5, Investigator describes me perfectly.  I truly enjoy understanding how everything works, especially the unusual and overlooked.  I love deep dive discussions.

RC:  As a 4, Individualist describes me to a T.  I enjoy being creative, sharing my unique perspective on things, and making things more efficient.  I love creative problem solving.    

Fun Facts My Human Design


MC:  As a Generator, Investigator-Martyr (1/3) there are three fundamental qualities in which I thrive in…research, discovery, and understanding complex business facets/ideas (so you won’t have too)!

RC:  As a Generator, Model-Hermit (6/2) there are three fundamental qualities that drive me… having a birds’ eye view of life (being your visionary), offering honest advice (no filters here), and living authentically.  

Fun Facts My Passion


MC:  Building strategies and frameworks with entrepreneurs and small teams to achieve success, in both business and life.  I also love reading self-help books and am fascinated by the unknown in the universe and spirituality.    

RC:  Analyzing process flows and technology to optimize processes and increase the bottom line for entrepreneurs and small teams.  I love allowing my creativity to flow in artwork but it’s been decades since my last piece. 

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About - 2016 Took the Leap



After 20 years of exploring every facet of business operations with roles in administrative, accounting, customer service, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, project management, technology, vendor management, and much more while working in startups, nonprofits, government, and Fortune 100 companies.  I decided to follow my passion into business and took the leap.  From a stable income into the unknown.



Eager to explore every opportunity that came my way…2018 was my year of YES.  At that time, I was very involved in leading educational sessions and events for groups that support women entrepreneurs.  I launched my creative coaching business and onboarded my first clients. While my year of yes was interesting, I realized that not everything was in alignment and I needed to manage my time, energy, and finances therefore 2019 was my year of NO.

About - 2018 YES_NO
About - 2020 Discovery



Having one-on-one clients was great and so many people needed support (during the pandemic).  I knew having so many one-on-ones wasn’t sustainable therefore soon started to experiment and launched virtual masterminds, networking events, and collaborations.  It was a year of discovering what worked and didn’t; what people needed and wanted; and who they were seeking to engage with.



Knowing millions of new businesses were launching without a solid foundation.  2021-2022 were years of magical momentum.  I still remember our first $15K contract week. We soon launched STARR Academy and expanded our services to support small teams with their operations and marketing.  Oh and notice how it’s now “we/our”, well with the expanded services my husband soon became my business partner.

About - 2021 Magical Momentum
About - 2023 Abundance



This year we started strong and are grateful for all that our journey has taught us.  Realizing that entrepreneurs truly need to embrace letting go of all the day-to-day tasks to scale to CEO, we’ve rebranded and Masterful CEO was born.  With a strong focus on empowering passionate entrepreneurs and teams by creating success strategies, systems, and streamlined processes resulting in elevated client experience, increased revenues, and optimized operations. Learn to let go to grow and scale to CEO.



Being strategic for us goes beyond business, it is a lifestyle.  Understanding that we have a greater vision we have taken the opportunity not only to reinvest in our business and professional development but also expand beyond CT (into FL).  Maryann has earned certifications from Harvard Business School –  Sustainable Business Strategy, Business Strategy, Global Business and is a Harvard Certified Strategist!  In a few weeks, Richard starts his Harvard journey. 

2024 Strategic Shifts

and the journey continues