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Imagine gaining a full understanding of where you’re getting stuck in business and life in days with a group of creatives, passionate entrepreneurs, and CEOs who are on the same journey. Being able to grow together, have a sounding board, and start developing strategies to manage the gaps and quickly identify the opportunities. That’s what the Masterful CEO Collective offers and more.


  • Learn a new framework for developing strategies.
  • Experience a new level of personal and business achievement while utilizing the right tools to consistently achieve more in less time.
  • Learn how to provide your clients with an elevated experience at each interaction.
  • Experience the magic of being in community with other Masterful CEOs. 
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Does this sound familiar?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past several years and while there has been some growth, I’m doing it all and ready to embrace being a CEO. I am ready to streamline, automate, grow my team and the bottom-line.


  • Feel anxious or confused about where to focus your time, energy, and resources ?
  • Love the idea of living a balanced life, where your business runs itself ?
  • You’ve been hands on in every aspect of your business know it’s time to let go.
  • You suffer from perfectionism, self-sabotaging, imposter syndrome, fear of success or shiny object syndrome.
  • You’re feeling tired and overworked.
  • Frustrated with this..

We’re here for CEOs like you…

I personally understand your needs, because I’ve been there

Just a few years ago, I struggled from analysis paralysis, fear of failure, fear of success, perfectionism, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and alone in my thoughts.

Results oriented

Our goal is is helping clients develop strategies and execute them so they can lead balanced life while increasing profits while achieving their goals.

Quality & Community

Not only is this possible, but it’s almost guaranteed when you follow the strategies I’ve developed over my recent years of trial and error (and tons of success).

Book your FREE Discovery session Today

We’ll talk about your goals and challenges, determine if we can assist you and whether or not the Collective is the right program for you right now.

how it works

Here’s how we can work together


Complete the Masterful CEO Collective application which serves as our assessment as to where you are in your business journey and insight on your vision and goals. 


Upon completing the application, you will be provided with the opportunity to schedule a 15 minute consultation where we will ask the deeper questions.


Once we’ve had the opportunity to speak with you, we will identify the next steps for you and your business, with or without our services and community; depending upon your immediate needs. 

What You’ll Learn as a Member of The Collective


Learn how to create strategies that are simple and quick to execute while gaining clarity, focus, and momentum in business.


Explore the various ways you can enhance your brand while improving your customer journey and experience.


Gain understanding on where the gaps and opportunities are in your business operations. Optimize your operations for success by incorporating process, procedures, systems and workflows.

Positively Prioritize

Learn how to prioritize to increase value add for clients, partners/affiliates, and return on investment. Understand why productivity is not negotiable.

Be assured, you´ll get the guidance and expertise you need

From being an entrepreneur to polishing your skillset and embracing being a Masterful CEO who knows how to create, elevate, optimize, prioritize, and cultivate a business you, your clients, and team are excited about.

“Risk more than others think is safe.

Dream more than others think is practical.”


  – Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO & Board Member





Strategic Framework

Explore various frameworks that have successfully worked for all types of organizations and determine which best aligns with your organization presently and within 5 years. Let’s go beyond the SWOT.


Deep Dives & Transparency

While some of our sessions will mastermind in nature, we will also have special guests who will do Deep Dives on a specific area of focus. Learn from experts what they are doing or not doing in business.



Why start something if you don’t plan on growing it? Whether it’s growing your mindset, strategy, framework, or model; you are guaranteed to walk away with a new resource.



Judgement zone

If you’re seeking a place that will criticize what you do, how you do it or seeking to criticize other entrepreneurs or CEOs, we’re not for you.


A rigid or restrictive plan and framework that feel impossible to incorporate

If you’re seeking rigid plans, quick fixes or band aid approaches, you won’t find it here.


No Accountability

If you’re seeking a place to show up socialize and not do the work, we’re not that kind of group. In order to achieve your goals, you must do the work. No excuses, simple strategies and execution.


Sales Platform

If you’re seeking a group to grow your network so you can sell your product and/or services, this is not the platform for you. While there will be moments where you will have the opportunity to showcase your expertise and perhaps collaborate with your peers, this is not a lead generation platform.

what you learn

Here’s what we’ll explore together within 4 months:


Clarity & Focus

As an entrepreneur you learned what it entailed to propel your business forward and make it what it is today. As the CEO, your responsibilities have evolved which is why it’s essential to understand your CEO type, your vision for the business, and where you should focus your time and energy. Let’s get clear and intentional with areas of focus.


Sales & Marketing

While sales and marketing has provided you with the clientele you have thus far, in order to continue scaling and diversifying your revenue it is essential to ensure you have a great marketing mix, sales funnel, and strategy. During our time together we will determine what sales and marketing strategy is in alignment with your business and target market.


Operational Excellence

In scaling your business it is crucial to ensure consistency in providing quality services/products, while staying competitive, optimizing business processes and systems, to improving customer satisfaction. In our time together we will explore areas for improvement and develop an action plan.


Beyond Revenue

During your entrepreneurial journey there were moments when pricing services/products may have been a struggle. Now the challenges and financial focus goes beyond revenue. It’s essential to understand income and expenses, resource allocations, pricing strategy, and much more.


People, Talent & Culture

In gaining momentum and expanding your business you find yourself dealing with vendors, contractors, consultants and employees; while identifying key components that will drive cultural excellence. Let’s do a deep dive in identifying your business values, standards, and purpose to define your company culture.


Custom Strategic Framework

In exploring the many facets of your organization we will identify a strategic framework that will guide you, your team, and stakeholders to successfully achieve the organizational goals and vision.

Join Today for Only $7495! $5995

Save over 20%

what you recieve

The resources inside the Collective are designed to guide you through our step-by-step approach to prioritizing, developing strategies, and executing your vision.

Video Lessons

Tap into our video library that will show you how to create business strategies that will serve both you and your clients for the long term.

Masterful CEO Planner

Gain access to the Masterful CEO Planner, where you can track your progress on a monthly basis.

Tracking sheets & Workbooks

Keep your vision, values, goals, and projects completed on time while leveraging existing and new resources. Whether your goal is to create successful strategies, enhance your brand through a streamlined customer journey, or optimize your systems… we will provide you with the tools to assess and address immediate gaps/opportunities.

Live Office Hours

Each month we will come together and we will answer any questions you may have from a business operational, marketing or technical perspective.

Membership in private group

Enjoy time connecting with other CEOs in the group to share your wins, challenges, brainstorm or even collaborate with.

Live Worksprints

Need uninterrupted time to get more done? Whether you’re seeking to tackle a chunk of a larger project or take time for self-care, you will gain access to our monthly worksprints.

questions before commit?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect as a member of the Masterful CEO Collective?

As a member of the Masterful Collective you will gain access to a digital library of resources in addition to monthly accountability sessions, biweekly mastermind and hot seat coaching sessions, monthly work sprints, office hours, and more.  Additionally you will have access to the Masterful CEO community platform 24/7.

Who is the Collective for?

The Collective was created for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3+ years, are expanding their services/products, markets, and are ready to explore areas of improvement within their business and role as a CEO.

How is the content delivered?

Content is delivered digitally and virtually through the Masterful CEO Collective community platform.

When does the Collective start?

The next cohort of the Masterful CEO Collective will officially begin on Jun. 5, 2024 at noon and will run through Oct. 10, 2024  Upon completion you will have the opportunity to continue with the collective at a discounted rate.

What is the investment to join the Masterful CEO Collective ?

There are two payment options available to join:

  • Pay in full: pay the entire program fee of $5995 upfront.
  • Payment plan: $995 deposit and pay 4 installments of $1250 per month.


How do I get started?

To get started, complete and submit the Masterful CEO Collective assessment.  Upon review of your application you will be provided with next steps.  If you have any questions prior to receiving our confirmation, feel free to email:  [email protected]


Pay in full and get our marketing tools

Sign up with our Pay In Full option today and get our special marketing bundle for free! This bundle is valued at $200 and includes:


Marketing Checklist!


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